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Kaidee Property - ID347678434
Resort-style houses, Kasetsart University
Mueang Sakon Nakhon, Sakonnakhon
10 Beds
9 Baths
1,600 Sq. M.

Resort-style houses, Kasetsart University

Within an area of 1 rai or 400 square wah (including the concrete road in front of the project) consists of 9 houses, divided into 8 single-storey houses, 1 single-storey house (under construction), plus another warehouse with a lofty tank tower. Tap water The project is located in front of Kasetsart University, Sakon Nakhon, surrounded by dormitories. In the community With electricity, water supply, internet, digital TV, no water flooding (Phisut already from the past Sakon Nakhon flooding Not all houses are flooded), near PTT gas station and 7-eleven shops including shops Various restaurants On the main Asian road number 22 Sakon Nakhon - Nakhon Phanom Close to many tourist attractions such as Nong Han view point, Ban Tha Wat community, Bua park (Chom Bua of all species and the serenity of Naga), Ban Tha Rae star parade (the only one in Thailand), the castle festival. Bee (the only one in Thailand), Phaya Tao Ngoi, Wat Phu Pha Daen Or go to the Robinson Department Store - Big C In the city is not far Go to pay respect to Luang Pho Phra San Saen Pay homage to Phra That Choeng Chum, which contains the Buddha's alms. Pay homage to Phra Aathi That Phra Arhat at the Museum of Luang Pu Man and Luang Pu Lou, or travel to Mukdahan. Or Nakhon Phanom is convenient And go to the Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge Across to the Lao side, it is near The house is shaped like a resort, not busy with parking space. The atmosphere is shady, cool, comfortable and safe. Customers are both Bachelor's students, workers, teachers and graduate students come to stay with us. Suitable for all ages Only 10 kilometers away from the airport, 16 kilometers away from the city, special we sell for 3,590,000 baht (the price is like buying a commercial building in the city) Today, if someone will borrow a house on an area of not more than 100 square meters, it's price. 2.5 - 3 million baht already entered (but if adding another , you will get 8 more houses to rent) If you buy just a house, you will only have expenses. But if there is a house to rent as well, it will generate income back in Help pay for both the house itself and the house for rent (in the past Rental income Able to send the bank comfortably and have money left). Therefore invited to come and look inside the house And the project area will see the difference Is it really worth the price? Our location is surrounded by hostels on all four sides. If any of you are ready to become the owner and are concerned about how to manage matters Or lack of care at first We are happy to provide advice and care for you for another semester of study. Why do we dare to tell you that This price is very good. Because the real minimum price of land and houses traded is as follows: 1 rai of land filled with price of 2 million baht + 8 single-storey houses * Price (fully depreciated) 300,000 baht is 2.4 million baht + two-story house Price 6 hundred thousand baht, including the project = 2 + 2.4 + 0.6 = 5,000,000 baht (excluding the prices of other things in the project Such as water towers, warehouses, storage fences around the area Considered free), but we sell for only 3,590,000 baht only.
The reason for the sale is because before working in Kasetsart University, therefore building a house and renting a house as well Will travel to work conveniently and take care of the business closely But now has resigned to work personally Therefore decided to sell The house for rent is fully furnished. Open for rent immediately. At this price, we dare to guarantee that Cheaper than you are going to buy vacant land And had to buy soil to fill up a meter to two meters high Build a fence around four sides And still have to purchase materials to hire a technician to build a house for another Having to waste time shopping almost every day, very fussy and have to travel to see construction work every day. Most importantly, at present, construction materials and labor costs are not cheap! It takes 5 to 6 months to complete the building minimum (during construction, you have to find money elsewhere to send the bank again), but it is easier If you buy a house from us, you can open it for rent immediately. Every house we use quality materials such as Elephant roof, Cotto tile, Bangkok Cable, Panasonic TCL Mitsubishi electrical equipment, Karat kohler sanitary ware, and the walls of the house are used. Brick brick, block brick, light brick and interlocking block. All documents for building houses Have complete house numbers: 429, 429/1, 429/2.429/3, 429/4, 429 / 5,429 / 6, 429/7 and 429/8, total 9 units according to Feng Shui texts, house numbers 429 total Together, the number 6 means suitable for business such as rental houses, dormitories, sales of various items, there will be frequent customers to ask for rent. Will help eliminate and ward off various problems and obstacles in life as well There is still a lot of space left, which can still build more houses. Whether to create Is a single house or a 2-storey building. No worries about the renters. Stay full until graduation For some semesters, clients have to draw lots to choose who will be there. In addition, there are also frequent callers for daily rentals. Especially during important events such as Rajabhat University graduation ceremony, travel festivals, seminars, various entrance exams, etc. , but rarely received Because usually there are people renting monthly / term is full. Search for a house location in GoogleMap, type Subharat Sakon Nakhon(ศุภรัตน์สกลนคร), 429 Moo 1, Chiang Khruea Subdistrict, Mueang Sakon Nakhon District Call us at
and to see the house. Thank you all for your interest, both who come to see and who called to inquire.
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  • Reference no.Kaidee Property - ID347678434
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  • Added onMay 27, 2019

Features / Amenities

Kids Play Area
Co-living space
Balcony or Terrace
Co-working space
Pet allowed
Satellite / Cable TV
Private Parking

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