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Land with factory for sale 7 rai 34 sq m, next to Economic Road 1, Samut Sakhon, with Ror. 4, plastic melting, lowest price, last plotLand with factory for sale 7 rai 34 sq m, next to Economic Road 1, Samut Sakhon, with Ror. 4, plastic melting, lowest price, last plot
Mueang Samut Sakhon, Samutsakhon
7 Rai

Land with factory for sale 7 rai 34 sq m, next to Economic Road 1, Samut Sakhon, with Ror. 4, plastic melting, lowest price, last plot

S020 Land with factory for sale 7 rai 34 sq m, next to Settakit 1 Road, Samut Sakhon, with Ror. 4, plastic melting, cheapest price, last plot, land for sale with factory next to Sethakit 1 Road, located in Na Di Subdistrict, Mueang District, Samut Sakhon Province The size of the land is 7 rai 34 square wah, width 40 meters on the road, 288 meters deep inside both sides, usable area of the former owner to build the land and build the building for full use With separated into Office Office 15 x 8, 3 floors = 360 sq m. Approximate factory usable area 38 x 255 = 9,690 sq m, 3-phase power plant with 2 large transformers supporting the machine weight. And place the workpiece material Meet the factory construction standards The factory age is approximately 26 years (construction and use began around 1993). Within the plot of land there are 2-storey single-detached houses that the owner has built for residence, 2 units, size 6 x 10 meters, in normal usable conditions. But if buyers want Update it, it can renovate, improve it. Using a small budget. Owner plus a factory license (Ror. ) 4 plastic melting provided by the buyer can modify the request for transfer of the same type of business or Different types of factories, warehouses, suitable for medium to large businesses, which is located next to the large PTT gas station, which is the pump that people nearby or pass by. Frequented by many services, Economic Road 1 is the main road in the industrial business of Samut Sakhon Province. The land is on the outbound road. This road has a lot of maneuverability of vehicles. The traffic lanes are divided into 2 sides, each of which is 3 lanes for a total of 6 lanes (6 lens roads). There is a road island. The night has bright lights all night long. The surrounding area is almost all industrial plants except the side next to the gas station, and the other side next to the fence of all industrial factories. There are no houses or people to live, but there are dormitories for both Thai and foreign workers for workers to live nearby in the factory area. Or come to work conveniently and a lot, click the link to explore the coordinates of the warehouse, factory https://goo. gl/maps/X6uErB9ToMnaCYxu9 Nearby landmarks, land plots, warehouses, factories, factories, close to Rama 2 Road, just 3.5 kilometers, near Samut Sakhon Industrial Estate 11 kilometers, Central Mahachai, only 4 kilometers and adjacent to Nong Khaem. Bangkok The distance is only 14 kilometers, Rama 2 Road is being improved traffic lanes. To make an elevated way from Samut Sakhon to cross the Chao Phraya River To the end of Samut Prakan Province Which when the construction is complete It will be the main route in doing business in the industry that has it all. (Click to see details from the link attached below) https://www. youtube. com/watch?v=0PVxlNVoHzo This plot of land is also close to The expressway that the project is having a conclusion In motorway construction "Western Ring" is a motorway. "Bang Pa-in - Bang Bua Thong - Rama 2" (Click on the link below) https://mgronline. com/business/detail/?fbclid=IwAR2jLAXiGKeEnpBIaPRZPd0ekqBxdu3aV-34GpxO2QJwnoXQGnfJHuPvTWT Considered a golden location of the era That entrepreneurs do not decide to sell very often as of now, only here The only place to ask for permission to melt plastic And the price has not been raised. The price of land with factories 7 rai 34 square wa for sale 15 million baht per rai (sell only land But the owner plus the factory) transfer fee is agreed between the buyer and the seller For more information or details, Ms. Tong Suriya Facebook: Tong Suriya Real Estate Lanview Tel / Line Khun Pop Akkarawat Facebook: Akkhrawat Amornwasuthun Lawyer Tel / Line Ms. Rak Adisak Tel / Line Contact Inquire about industrial land Land for residential plots, large plots, small plots, the central region has land at the consignment owner price. Cheap price, large selection Happy to give you a free consultation # Provide advice on credit, SME credit management service # Accepting real estate, houses, factories, warehouses, land and or many others, etc. # Accepting for Ror. 4 and other ror. 4 certificates, all types of areas, special prices, we have a team to do The bank borrows and then has the remaining money in circulation at the customer's apartment. Friendly service With a professional team
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