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Sell or rent A semi-resort hotel, Baan Suan Krisana, next to Kad Farang, Hang Dong District, Chiang Mai Province.Sell or rent A semi-resort hotel, Baan Suan Krisana, next to Kad Farang, Hang Dong District, Chiang Mai Province.

Sell or rent A semi-resort hotel, Baan Suan Krisana, next to Kad Farang, Hang Dong District, Chiang Mai Province.

Sell or rent A semi-resort hotel, Baan Suan Krisana, next to Kad Farang, Hang Dong District, Chiang Mai Province + Rent 90,000 baht per month + or sell 70.000,000 baht, the owner is kind, has 380,000 baht to take care of the business (2 months rental, insurance contract 200,000) + Baan Suan Krisana Resort It is a resort hotel. It consists of a separate house with 8 en-suite bathrooms and a 3-storey building with the first floor being a meeting room or seminar room that can accommodate more than 40 people, while the second and third floors are rooms. There are 8 large rooms. In addition, the accommodation area also has a central kitchen area where guests can cook meals. There is a large pond to sit and relax, there is a parking lot, rooms for booking accommodation. And a multi-purpose building + Baan Suan Krisana Resort has an area of approximately 2 rai, 2 ngan. The area is filled with various kinds of plants, including trees, orchards, flowers and garden plants. Evergreen Give a fresh atmosphere Like resting among the trees And being as private as in their own home + the house and room It is designed to support family travel. Or as a group Even if only two people come together, they can still rest. With a small house or a room to serve Within the house and each room is fully equipped with amenities. Whether it is a bed With good equipment, bedding, air conditioner, refrigerator, water heater Wardrobe and TV The house is spacious, clean, safe and beautiful. + For tourists who come as a group or family. Who want to cook for themselves The house Suan Krisana has a central kitchen. With kitchen equipment And utensils for eating to be served As for the ingredients, guests can go out and shop not far, just walk less than 10 minutes to reach Kad Farang, which has Rimping restaurant. Or will drive to shopping at Hang Dong Market Is not far from the accommodation It is therefore suitable for those who want to teach Thai cooking for foreigners which is becoming popular. And is another alternative to expand the hotel business In addition, the resort also has a pool. Ready to eat Allowing guests to have a meal together by the pool Among the quiet trees + the resort is located behind Kad Farang. Just walk less than 10 minutes to reach Kad Farang. It is full of many shops which are popular both Thai and foreigners such as McDonald's, KFC PIZZA HUT, STARBUCK, Rimping Supermarket, DIY and many more restaurants both Thai and international. There are also pharmacies, banks, beauty parlors that are fully equipped. And on Saturdays, Mondays, and Wednesdays, the Kad Farang area also has kad farang places to eat that includes city food, Thai food and international food. Which has many shops to open for service + getting into town is very convenient For guests who do not have a car, they can choose to use the GRAB service, or they can walk to the bus in front of Kad Farang. Which will have a car queue running through the city of Chiang Mai Or go to the outer districts such as Hangdong, San Pa Tong, Chom Thong, there are buses And a two-row bus + the location of the resort Able to travel to various tourist attractions not far, whether it is a house offering world horticulture, Wat Phra That Doi Kham, Grand Canyon, Doi Inthanon, or traveling in the city, it will not take long. And also easy to travel to various places in Chiang Mai By using the ring way, it will be more convenient. + Details of various accommodation types + Baan Krisana 1 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 living room (8 persons) + Baan Krisana 2 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms ( For 8 persons) + Baan Krisana 3 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms (8 persons) + Baan Krisana 4 1 bedroom 1 bathroom (2 persons) + Baan Krisana 5 1 bedroom 1 bathroom (2 persons) + Krisana Klang Nam 6 1 Bedroom 2 Beds (3 persons) + Baan Krisana Klang Nam 7 1 Bedroom 2 Beds (3 persons) Baan Krisana 8 1 Bedroom 1 Bed (4 persons) + Gas Long Room 1 Bedroom 2 Bed (3 persons) have 4 rooms + Chuan Chom 1 bedroom 1 bed (3 persons) 4 rooms + Rental conditions Rental fee is 90,000 baht per month. Minimum contract of 3 years if the tenant wishes to rent longer. We are pleased But the tenant must pay the cost of the rental registration. For the device Appliances in the resort are considered part of the rental contract. Just come and make a contract Can carry the bag to manage it. In addition, there are people who request to use the place is the meeting room attached to the annual contract until the end of 2020 (more than another year of contract left) by asking to use it only on Sunday morning. By paying monthly rent of 12,000 baht per month, you will save money on renting again. The remaining rent you have to pay is only 78,000 baht. Coordinates: 座标: https://goo. gl/maps/3TVzPRsmHqMdnpUq6 Sell or rent Hotel semi-resort, Baan Suan Kritsana, next to Kad Farang, Hang Dong District, Chiang Mai Province 出售 或 出租 半 旅馆 , Baan Suan Kritsana , 毗邻 清迈 省 杭 东区 Kad Farang + Inquire about information or make an appointment to see the location. Contact + 查询 信息 或预约 查看 位置。 Joe (Joe) : ID LINE Young (Num) : ID LINE + Interested in home, land, looking for a house, renting a condo, a commercial building + Interested in land, home, house for rent , condo building. + 对 土地 , 房屋 , 房屋 出租 , 公寓 建筑 感兴趣。 https://www. facebook. com/HouseLandChiangmai/ + Our product: Our product: 我们 的 产品 https://www. facebook. com / HouseLandChiangmai / shop /? Rt = 19 - We serve as a broker for buying, selling and renting real estate, houses, land, condos and others without any expenses. For brokerage contracts, there are both closed and open contracts with Condition that The property that is to be sold or rented must not be labeled for sale or rent by any person. And in case the house must be a house without residents or tenants Property Code: # Arlan_E001 # Hotel rental # Hotel for rent # Kad Farang # Hang Dong # Chiang Mai # Broker
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