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Land for sale 96-1-2 rai, purple plan with factory, 27,970 sqm, Sri Maha Pho, Prachinburi, next to road 304Land for sale 96-1-2 rai, purple plan with factory, 27,970 sqm, Sri Maha Pho, Prachinburi, next to road 304
Si Maha Phot, Prachinburi
96 Rai

Land for sale 96-1-2 rai, purple plan with factory, 27,970 sqm, Sri Maha Pho, Prachinburi, next to road 304

SS126 Land for sale 96-1-2 rai, purple plan with factory 27,970 sq m, Sri Maha Pho, Prachinburi, next to 304 road, click on the link to explore the factory coordinates, Hua Wa Subdistrict, Si Maha Phot District, Prachinburi https://goo. gl/maps/wtZm4TEeAwG5N4Yc6 Land for sale 96 Rai 1 ngan 2 square wah (38,502 square wah or 154,008 square meters), 100% real purple city plan, location of land on 304 road (Chachoengsao-Kabinburi Road), width of 228 meters, depth 736 meters, with factories and extensions about 27,970 Square meters, this factory used to allow BOI Zone 3, but the owner did not take advantage of it, therefore canceled at the end of 2014. The height of the roof is 8-18 meters, using thick metal sheets. Good in making the roof The whole structure is thick steel, ready to use, the land behind the factory is empty. Filled and full area Ready to use to build a factory building Floor load 3-5 tons / sqm. Thickness of concrete floor 12-15 meters (slab on ground) 3-phase power plant power transformer, size 3,000 KVA, factory owner to ramp for forklifts. For shipping ready There are 7 ports for loading containers in total, building a dormitory for employees in a total of 2 buildings, each 3 floors, usable area 6,840 square meters, divided into 66 rooms, total 132 rooms, the height of each floor is about 3 meters, 3-phase power system, transformer size. 315 KVA 2-storey office building, total usable area of 2,240 sq m. , 3-phase power system, 250 KVA transformer, other buildings. The plot in the canteen land (multipurpose building) size 996 square meters, large parking ramp A lot of parking, guard guard. 7 underground wells, 5 meter deep wells, water storage capacity 19,500 cubic meters, paved roads within the plot of land over 15,326 square meters. Location is close to Rojana Prachinburi Industrial Estate is close to the Prachinburi High Voltage Electricity Station (2). Further information on the future about the land plot. Intercity motorways or motorways Chonburi - Nong Khai Line Is a motorway in the north-south line Starting from Chon Buri (near Laem Chabang) through Prachin Buri, Nakhon Ratchasima, Khon Kaen, Nong Khai, the project will start in the first phase of Chonburi (Laem Chabang Port) - Prachin Buri (Highway 359). Read more information at the link below https: // thestandard. co / laem-chabang-korat-motorway / Watch video of the intercity motorway (motorway) line 61 Laem Chabang - Prachinburi Motorway No. 61 Laemchabang-Prajinburi https://www. youtube. com/watch?v=OIfPmECvRIg Make transportation The transport of this plot of land is convenient and its value will increase greatly. New building More than 90% of the construction has never been used. There are still a number of sanitary ware waiting to be made by the owner. Including tiles and other buildings waiting for additional construction Estimated price of land including buildings By way of comparing market prices Previously appraised in 2015, the property value is more than 327,267,000 baht (three sing twenty-seven million Two hundred and sixty-seven thousand baht) Sale price of land 96 rai 1 ngan 2 square wah (38,502 square wah or 154,008 square meters) The owner opened the price at 450 million baht including transfer of ownership. Please use this code to contact SS126, contact us to make an appointment, visit Khun Tong Suriya Tel / line Facebook: Tong Suriya Real Estate Lanview, Khun Adwittaya Tel Id line: ad050318 Facebook: ad wittaya Khun Mayporn Phasorn Tel / Line Facebook: CoachMay Ponpason Phattarasoranon Click the link for more information at the bottom https://asanghalanview. blogspot. com/2020/09/96-1-2-279700-304. html Land, Warehouse, Factory, DD Have property about Industrial land, warehouses, factories for rent in many areas, all small to large areas Willing to serve you sincerely Pay attention to all services, services, procurement, repair, building, renovating, warehouses, factories, buildings of all types, arrange SME loans, there are services to choose from for all financial institutions and many others.
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  • Reference no.Kaidee Property - ID358862361
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  • Added onOctober 8, 2020

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