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Kaidee Property - ID359434449
ขายที่ดินติดสายเอเซีย หลายแปลง เหมาะทำปั้มน้ำมัน หรือกิจการอื่นๆขายที่ดินติดสายเอเซีย หลายแปลง เหมาะทำปั้มน้ำมัน หรือกิจการอื่นๆ
Bang Pahan, Bang Pahan, Ayutthaya
1 Rai

ขายที่ดินติดสายเอเซีย หลายแปลง เหมาะทำปั้มน้ำมัน หรือกิจการอื่นๆ

Land for sale on the Asian road, many plots 1. Land on the Asian road, size 9-2-6.6 rai, width 60 meters, depth 120 meters, before reaching Luang Pu Thuat park 200 meters outbound side, selling 3.5 million per rai. 2. Land for sale 4-1-13 rai, width on the Asian road, 62 meters, filled, and the plot is equal, the road is sold 5.8 million per rai 3. Land on the Asian road 4-3-43 rai, width 45 meters, filled 1 rai, sell 3.8 per rai Million 4. Land next to Asia, size 4-3-75 rai, width 50 meters, 3.5 million rai, has not been filled. 5. Land for sale 7 rai 2 ngan on the Asian road, then filled with a plot width 132 meters, very beautiful. Total of 22 million rai, 2.9 million (this plot is very cheap Beautiful, wide, filled) ุ 6. And land line 347 into the city of Ayutthaya, size 7 rai, opposite the Yakul factory, width 160 meters, then filled half the plot, very beautiful, suitable for marketing, gas station, factory, showroom and every business, selling 3.9 million per rai 7. Land line 347, size 10 rai, opposite Bang Chak pump Beautiful square land, width 80 meters, very beautiful, sold 2.5 million rai per rai 8. Land line 347 size 3 rai, width 160 meters, near Yakul factory, selling 3.5 million rai. 7. Land line 347 near Worachet Ayutthaya intersection. Large intersection, community area, land size 24 rai, width 110 meters, sell 1.9 million per rai (this plot is very cheap, make a house, shops, restaurants, show pictures, share to sell everything), very beautiful and many plots both on the incoming side And issuing interested contact , (not accepting brokers in all cases)
  • TypeLand
  • PurposeFor Sale
  • Reference no.Kaidee Property - ID359434449
  • Completion
  • Added onFebruary 10, 2021

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