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Nakhon Chai Si
Nakhon Chai Si
Kaidee Property - ID359744372
#Quick sale, land next to the Nakhon Chai Si River. With buildings, beautiful small plot, almost 40 m wide, size over 1 rai, good location, next to the motorway, near Bangkok, very good atmosphere

#Quick sale, land next to the Nakhon Chai Si River. With buildings, beautiful small plot, almost 40 m wide, size over 1 rai, good location, next to the motorway, near Bangkok, very good atmosphere

#Land for sale next to the Nakhon Chai Si River With buildings, small plots, beautiful, 1 rai more than wide, next to Bangkok, which is the last plot of Nakhon Chai Si District, the most beautiful and best location!! in and out of many routes Near the way up and down the motorway, 2 projects, near many famous tourist attractions 🔹 Selling a total of 2 title deeds (not flooding here. Don area!!️) The front is about 40 meters wide, next to the river. The back is next to the road to the public lattice road 5053 (no need to buy the entrance-exit) 📍Location: Don Faek Subdistrict, Nakhon Chai Si District, Nakhon Pathom Province 1️⃣ First title deed 3 Ngan 52 sq. wa. (excluding the area that grows along the bank, another 50-60 sq. wa. ), totaling more than 1 rai, which is land with buildings, namely - 1 large river pavilion made of mixed wood. (Has been licensed from the Harbor Department) with all fittings and pavilion - Arch of Thai Sala Thai, Teng Mai, Daeng, 1 back - Large office (not teak, mixed with cement), 1 room (with 1 ensuite bathroom) or can Can be used as a small meeting room Accommodates about 20 people - 1 master bedroom and 2 medium-sized bedrooms - 1 monk room - 1 open-air hot kitchen zone and 1 closed cold kitchen - 1 living room Rooms - -Dining room 1 room -Indoor bathroom 4 rooms -Car park inside and outside Can accommodate a total of about 20 cars. - The jetty (with a license from the Harbor Department) can accommodate the mooring of jet skis. Speed boats and small yachts 2️⃣ Title deed 2 is a road, area 1 ngan 22 sq. wa. , entering and exiting the public road (no need to buy entrance and exit), width 6 meters. Throughout the road, the road fills up with many layers of rock well, does not sag, doesn't budge, garden cars are comfortable (in the future, you can sell it to make money from taking down the surrender to many plots of blind land behind the shop!!️) ✅ #Travel :: 📍 near Bangkok, just drive 50 minutes (from Pinklao)🚘🚙 📍Close to the Bang Yai-Kan Motorway (under construction) and Nakhon Pathom-Cha-am (future) about 6.6 km. 📍15 km. away from Mahidol University 📍16 km. away from Central Salaya . 📍11 km. from Nakhon Chai Si District, 23 km. from Nakhon Pathom City 📍 4.9 km. from Huai Phlu Market, 12 km. from Nakhon Chaisri Electricity Market 📍 7.9 km. away from Cafe Du Bua . 📍 8.2 km. away from Luang Pho Peren Temple 📍 Away from the Light Red Line Project Salaya Station (Future) 14.5 km. 🚇 Approximately 24 km. away from the Bangkok-Hua Hin High Speed Rail Project Station (awaiting Cabinet approval) Approximately 8.6 away from the construction of Nakhon Chaisri Airport (Future) K. M. 🛫✈️🛩 ✅ #Price :: = Total selling price 13 million baht 💵💰 ⚠️ Owner sells directly. Ready to include half of the transfer fee - tax. If you really like it, you can still negotiate the price!!️ {{ Ready to transfer ownership immediately, no mortgage, no resale, no blacklist. Not subject to any obligations }}⚠️ ✅ #Suitability :: ready to move in to live or doing business Open the office immediately. (⚠️ It used to be a restaurant, but now it doesn't work. Use to live only!!️) or to renovate to make a homestay accommodation Guesthouses for rent, resorts, small riverside cafes are also possible. Or make a jetty, get on the boat and take the boat Or buy it for speculation in the future because the price of land here has increased sharply every year. (Support two motorway expressway projects, namely the Nakhon Pathom Line (Nakhon Chai Si) - Cha-am and the Bang Yai - Kanchanaburi Line (through the Nakhon Chai Si district) High-speed train construction project (with a station in Nakhon Pathom province) Construction of the Light Red Line Extension Project ( Bang Sue-Salaya Central Station) and commercial airport construction project at Nakhon Chai Si district, area of over 3 thousand rai. Call Khun Bank (the owner of this plot!!️) 📲 Line ID: atty. kathawut Or add from this link >> https://line. me/ti/p/Y0WkQ3aUIK 📧 E-Mail : ———————————————————— —————————— ⚠️ P. S. Please call to make an appointment 1 day in advance to request a visit to the actual area‼️ ———————————————————————————————— 📌Welcome to accept this conversion broker. Give full 4% ready to sign a contract to set up a broker for me. 📌
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  • Reference no.Kaidee Property - ID359744372
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  • Added onJanuary 9, 2022

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