For rent Land factory warehouse for rent Located in area over 5 rais Outer Ring road 3 Saraphee Chiangmai 40000-95000 per month

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The overall site is 145 meters long and adjacent to the main road, average 70 meters in depth, with 2 entrances linking the site with the main road. Convenient location next to Outer Ring road 3, Saraphee district Chiangmai, nearby communities with major communication routes. Only 5 minutes to the airport and downtown Chiangmai. Perfect for establishing and operating a business.
Details of the rented properties are as follows:
1. Empty land 3 rais in total size, with 145 meters long and adjacent to the main road. The land comes with a 400 square meters factory/warehouse, with 2 large entrances (can accommodate 10 wheeler trucks) linking the site with the main road. Monthly rental fee is 95,000 Baht
2. A 400 square meters factory/warehouse. Monthly rental fee is 40,000 Baht
3. 2-storeyed building: can be use as store and office including housing for store managers (3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, kitchen, living room/meeting room) Monthly rental fee is 50,000 Baht

Rented properties come with full electricity and water utilities as well as 2 housing units for workers (with restroom) and car parking spaces.
Rent contract duration is negotiable. For more details or schedule a site visit at Miss Tippawan tel กดเพื่อดูเบอร์โทร xxxxxx565 , e-mail กดเพื่อดู Line: xxxxx Brokers are welcomed.

95,000ราคารวมมูลค่าของแถมแล้ว (ถ้ามี)


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