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24,000,000ราคารวมมูลค่าของแถมแล้ว (ถ้ามี)

Luxury house for sales

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    รายละเอียดสินค้าThe Luxury house for sales at koh samui near Na meaung waterfall,moutain view in quiet area with contemporary style initially designed, the additional decorations are aim at blending the local material into the existing design to be lively and cozy. There are plenty of space that anyone can individually spend their own time with their interests while being in the same space with others with lively decoration.
    The house detail as following,
    4 bed rooms
    6 bath room
    1 swiming pool
    1 kitchen
    Total house using area is 620 sq.m
    Land area is 2-2-97 rai (chanode)
    Total price including furniture electric equipment air condition are 24.0 MTB. only.

    Contact Us : กดเพื่อดูเบอร์โทร xxxxxx969 or กดเพื่อดูเบอร์โทร xxxxxx898 id surasako23 for more detail.
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