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    รายละเอียดสินค้าFor Rent Condo Regent Home 97/1 (Sukhumvit 97/1: Bang Chak BTS Station)

    7th floor condo for rent, beautiful view, good air, free from mosquitoes
    Near Bangchak BTS station
    Just carry the bag, ready to go in. With full furniture
    Is a Hi grade furniture (decorated over 200,000 baht)

    Specifications List

    Living & Bedroom:
    TV Samsung LCD Smart tv UHD 55 "(Living Room)
    TV Samsung LCD Smart tv (Bedroom)
    Hi grade furniture (brand SB furniture & Index) throughout the room
    Healthy bed, does not collapse, does not have back pain.
    Dressing table Classic style
    Index Closet with glass front door and Hi Gloss (Soft Close) stainless steel rail
    With Mitsubishi Air Mr.Slim 18,000 btu (cool the entire room with energy saving)
    Health roller blinds (not collecting dust), easy for cleaning
    Sofa (comfortable fabric, not hot)
    Can starve Washable in all items: both seat-reclining-armrest
    With a reception table
    There is a bar table for eating & Coffee break time.
    With bar stool set
    There is a refrigerator to use.
    New wallpaper in the whole room

    Bathroom: Bathroom
    Shower room
    Water heater Hi grade STIEBEL Germany
    Stainless steel bathroom accessories & safety glass
    Soft Close Toilet

    Kitchen: Kitchen room
    Mortar embedded counters (special order) resistant to water washing
    With a Hi grade wall hanging cabinet specially made using good materials
    There is a stainless steel rail ready to hang.
    Ready to use Microwave Samsung (digital cooking program with a variety of Menu)
    Washing area with washing machine & stainless steel clothes rack (storage type)

    Central: Clubs
    There is a health pool (no chlorine).
    Fitness room with all kinds of exercise equipment
    With parking privileges

    Key card security system, 24 hour security guard.

    Convenient near, Lotus On Nut, Big C On Nut,
    There are M93 markets and 7-11.

    Regent Home, Sukhumvit 97/1 from the entrance of the Soi 900 meters, can travel in many directions, BTS Bangchak Station, Sukhumvit Road, Soi Sukhumvit 93, Expressway Step 1 and 2, way up - down, Sukhumvit 50 or 62, within comfortable with a motorcycle. The Able to request the Chief Win number and call for service at any time.

    Rental price 9,500 baht
    (Renew every 1 year)
    2 months deposit & 1 month advance rental

    Please contact Boy
    AIS: กดเพื่อดูเบอร์โทร xxxxxx859
    True: กดเพื่อดูเบอร์โทร xxxxxx526
    กดเพื่อดู Line: xxxxx
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