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Kaidee Property - ID359423577
ที่ดินสีม่วง จ. ชลบุรีที่ดินสีม่วง จ. ชลบุรี

ที่ดินสีม่วง จ. ชลบุรี

SALE - EEC Industrial Land Areas, where is located at Sriracha city, Chonburi province. Land Title deed of 27 pieces, space equal 458.40 Hector (1,856,524 Sq. meters), there are so suitable to be established the Industrial Estate Park including the Business center and Accommodations, or the Tourism natural garden park. - Zone A, the Main Land frontage areas wide 100 meters (all along 460 meters) at beside of the National Highway, from Sriracha city of Chonburi province -to- Ban Khai city of Rayong province. Space area is total 119.13 Hector (482,484 Sq. m. ) with Yellow color city plan proved. But for EEC supports can easy upgrade color to Purple industrial zone. - Zone B, the Rear Land frontage areas wide 1,000 meters at beside the Rural Road, from Sriracha city of Chonburi province -to- Glang city of Rayong province. Space area is total 339.27 Hector (1,374,040 Sq. m. ) with Purple color city plan proved. - In center of Land location has the Municipality public offices of Electrical-Water-Telecom- Civil & Utilities public provider. Comfortable traffics, - to Indo-China connections road (Highway 331) only 2 Kms. - to Robinson department store Sriracha city branch 30 Kms. - to Laem Cha Bang Seaport worldwide shipping terminals 35 Kms. - to Pattaya entertainment city 45 Kms. - to International Airport Bangkok 97 Kms. Specially SALE price is only 1,000 Baht per Sq. meter. Totally sale price 1,856,524,000 Baht (Included the transfer tax fees, all public expenses, and the broker commission). For inspection and negotiate, please contact : Authorized person Mr. Jatuporn : Thailand
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